The consortium of ESMIMET project has been gathering together in the University of Porto (Portugal) in order to celebrate its second periodical meeting, since it was launched last July.

Representatives of this University, the Institute of Sciences of Terra, SIEMCALSA, the Pedro Nunes Institute, the General Directorate for Energy and Mines, the University of León and CARTIF, as coordinator, shared the main achievements and tasks carried out by part of the partners, such as the inventory of existing mineralization in the field of work development. Other tasks, such as the geological integration in GIS (Geographic Information System), the map of variants or the characterization of known deposits, are still in progress.

The consortium also presented the results of some of the characterization studies of rock geochemistry, extracted from the deposits of the areas in which the project is being developed.

On the other hand, CARTIF presented the private network of companies to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge, which already has 17 companies in the sector.

To end the meeting, the representatives of all the members of the consortium agreed on the next actions and the expected dates for their completion.