The General Directorate for Energy and Mining is the organism belong to the Regional Minister for Economy and Finance of the JCyL, Castilla y León Regional Government with competences (according the article 40 of Law 3/2001) in the areas of:

  • Energy planning and ordering.
  • The development and implementation of programs related to the promotion of energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • The development of programs for the improvement of the infrastructure and quality of the electricity supply, natural gas and petroleum products.
  • The management of the competences on the exploration, research, exploitation and benefit of the mineral, geological and hydrocarbon resources.
  • Management of competencies in the geological storage of carbon dioxide.
  • The planning, programming and control of mining inspection, training and security.
  • By one hand the planning, implementation and management of programs and aids for contributing to the balance use of mineral and geological resources, and on the other hand the training of workers in the mining sector.
  • Those related to occupational safety and health, when the application of mining technique is required.
  • The study, promotion and support to energy and mining sectors.
  • Any other that could be attributed, disaggregate, delegate or entrust.

Likewise, the corresponding exercise of the functions derived from the ascription of the Ente Regional de la Energía de Castilla y León, EREN.
Junta Castilla y León