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The Universidad de León, founded in 1979, is a State University based in the city of León, Spain. The University´s main Campus is located in the city of León (Spain) and it comprises 8 Faculties, 6 Colleges and 2 Private Associated Centres where the University offers lectures on 37 undergraduate degrees and 18 post-graduate courses. Along this, the offer is completed with 10 Institutes for Research and Applied Sciences a Language Centre, not to forget the prestigious Clinical Veterinary Hospital of Castilla y León.

It is a young and growing University, which in recent years has signed important Collaboration Agreements, such as the one signed with the University of Washington. This collaboration is the reason the University of Washington made the decision to open their second European Branch in León with the aim of teaching Spanish. Also, the agreement signed with Xiangtan University has led to the establishment in our town of the Confucius Institute.

The Universidad de León also offers an extensive knowledge on management and development of both International and National R&D&I Plans and has in place the necessary human resources and labs in order to implement such projects.

Within the Faculties, The School of Mining Engineering (ESTIM) stands out for its tradition and links with the region. Mining and Energy Engineering degrees are taught here, as well as the Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering and Energy Resources.

The School keeps a close relationship with both mining companies and companies related to the energy sector of the province. These contacts allow our students to carry out internships on their last degree years.
The research in the ESTIM is concentrated in the areas of “Mining”, “Exploration and Mining Research”, “Cartographic, Geodesic and Photogrammetric Engineering” and “Chemical Engineering”.

The research team on ¨Geological and Materials Engineering (INGEOMAT)”, based on this school, has participated in more than twenty international and national research projects. It has an extensive research experience in the Iberian Variscan Massif and the exploration of ore deposits. It also offers extensive professional experience on mineral processing plants, management of waste disposal of liquids, solids and gases and environmental improvements.

Universidad de León