The researchers of CARTIF Pedro Acebes and Jorge Calvo, together with the researchers of the FCUP Fernando Noronha and Luis Lima and their counterparts of the University of León Ana María Castañón and Pablo Caldevilla, all of them members of the ESMIMET project team, visited the day June 13 the Minas da Panasqueira, exploited by the company BERALT TIN AND WOLFRAM PORTUGAL in the municipality of Barroca Grande, in Portugal.

The objective of the visit was twofold:
– First of all, to know first hand the exploitation and processing plant from which a concentrate of  Wolfram is obtained.
– And second, to propose possible collaborations with the company BERALT TIN AND WOLFRAM PORTUGAL with the members of the ESMIMET Project.

CARTIF, the FCUP and the University of León are members of the ESMIMET project.