Technicians from the Mining and Research Society of Castilla y León (SIEMCALSA) have attended the XVIII International Congress of Geological and Mining Heritage organized by the SEDPGYM (Spanish Society for the Defense of Geological and Mining Heritage) within the dissemination activities of the ESMIMET project. The Congress was held on September 27 and 28 at the UNED headquarters in Ponferrada (León). There, SIEMCALSA members presented the work “Historical evolution of tungsten mining in the Iberian Peninsula” (A. Toro; O. Fadón; JM Gómez and I. Sánchez-García), which performs a historical analysis of mining of tungsten throughout the Peninsula (Spain + Portugal) studying its boom and bust moments in relation to the main historical avatars that have occurred since 1900 to the present. Likewise, the publication contains a global analysis of the Iberian production of this metal, the economic value of said production, the employment generated and the influence that the evolution of prices has had on the mentioned activity.

This work is part of the technical reports generated within Activity 4. “Development of R & D & I activities related to exploitation and processing techniques”.