The researchers of CARTIF Pedro Acebes and Jorge Calvo, together with the researchers at the Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Oporto (FCUP) Fernando Noronha and Luis Lima, who are part of the team of the ESMIMET project, visited on Monday, May 13, the tungsten mines of Borralha in the municipality of Montalegre (Vila Real, Portugal).

The main objective of the expedition was to carry out the field visit to define the technical solutions to study the economic feasibility of the open pit exploitation of the Santa Helena breccia (wolframite and quartz) within the mining domain of “Borralha”, in addition to determining the location geographic area of ​​the sterile resulting from that exploitation. Another of the goals of this visit was the study of the percentages of fine and coarse generated.

ESMIMET project has the ultimate objective of making the most of the mineral resources of the northern and central areas of Portugal and Castilla y León, in order to design a common strategy. CARTIF and the FCUP participate in this initiative.