ESMIMET takes part in the Spatial Observation Session Applied to Mining, which has held in the context of the Interreg Europe REMIX project ‘Smart and Green Minning Regions of the EU’, in the Business Solutions Building of Castilla y León de Arroyo de la Encomienda (Valladolid).

Representantives of SIEMCALSA, members of ESMIMET consortium, together with other entities such as GMV, Grupo Tecopy or Voxel 3D, have reflected on the spatial observation applied to mining. They have also analyzed the Action Plan for the mining sector in Castilla y León.

This project, funded by the Interreg Europe programme, aims to bring together European regions with mines in operation so that, based on the exchange of good practices and knowledge, access to information and sustainability in the sector can be facilitated.

The Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) of the Junta de Castilla y León takes part in REMIX project, being a point of contact for the entities of the communicated that want to participate in the internationl conference.